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You’ve likely read a recent headline about a celebrity getting busted and shooting themselves in the foot because they didn’t fully know their rights, or maybe because they said too much to either incriminate themselves or to make a mockery of themselves to the American public. Think Mel Gibson when he got his DUI. Sometimes it’s best to invoke your right to remain silent, especially in our viral video culture where everyone with a phone is a potential paparazzi.

Just like celebrities, regular folks shoot themselves in the foot constantly because they do not fully know their rights and let police and law enforcement walk all over them with no regard for the American constitution.

Eric Wetlaufer would like to inform his readership a little more about their rights as a way to educate people now, whether they be friends, family, or future clients once Eric has completed law school and becomes a practicing lawyer.

Have you ever read an ex-cops memoir? There are tons out there, and many of them tell stories of police officers profiling and harassing the people who live or reside on their beat in an effort to rack up as many arrests as possible and exert their authority and power in any area they’re able to exploit.

You can also use getting arrested to your advantage, if you’re a celebrity, for instance.

One case and point is Amy Schumer, who was arrested recently at a rally while protesting the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, a man who recently made the news for being accused by multiple women of sexual assault. Please note that Amy Schumer gave her consent to being arrested in order to be processed by officers.

You can also look at a good example of police showing restraint, which is a quality you don’t always see on the news these days. Consider the Conor McGregor/Khabib Nurmagomedov fight recently, where fights erupted after the match in the crowd. There is TMZ video footage of police escorting mass groups of people out of the arena. A man in a green shirt is pushing a cop, putting his hands on a cop, which you don’t really see so often. The officer pushes the man away with force, but no arrests were made. They told the man to go home. He obliged.

In the end, it is always best to be courteous and polite to police. But you do not have to go along with everything they say. Visitors of this site can expect quality content when it comes to the latest news and information when it comes to law, criminal justice, and knowing your rights!