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About Eric Wetlaufer

Getting a law degree is something like getting a PhD in common sense. There’s a lot of reading, research, and repetition. A person who might pursue a law degree is a person who might have always loved debating in high school and beyond.

A part of that is debating both sides of the issue, even entertaining a point of view that you might not adopt yourself in real life, but, instead, adopting that stance for the sake of making an argument. Considering the other side of the argument is a skill that is seriously lacking in today’s social media-infused climate where we seem to only deal in absolutes and there is no longer any room for nuance.

Eric Wetlaufer’s interest in law and criminal justice span back to his high school debating days — even then his favorite shows were mainstays like Law and Order, The Practice, Night Court, Boston Legal — you name it, he’s seen it (even more recent procedural-style shows like Better Call Saul). Now law is the path Eric has chosen for himself when it comes to what he wants to do with his life.

While at the moment he is not sure whether he wants to be a DA or a defense attorney, he knows being a lawyer is the dream he must achieve. The path of a life in law is pretty wide and variable. For instance, a state prosecutor might work in that area for ten years, then go on to become a criminal defense attorney. In these cases one might want to expertly know both sides of the argument to be more effective for clients in need.

The American criminal justice system is far-reaching, but it does have its flaws. People slip through the cracks, criminals walk free every day, people who shouldn’t be in jail get sent to jail every day. Not until each and every individual knows their rights will these injustices that our system warrants start to diminish and altogether cease.

Eric Wetlaufer’s primary objective is to continue to obsessively learn as much as he can about the rule of law, to shine in scholastic areas and extracurriculars in a way that will lay a foundation for a life of dedicated service.

Visit this site often for the latest in legal matters, criminal justice news, as well as current events that affect your ability to live comfortably as a free and clear citizen. Eric Wetlaufer will continue to update the site with the facts and nothing besides.